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Steve Stred - Author of Mastodon

"I’m a bit stunned here, as I snagged this for review purely from the amazing Kealan cover (and knowing Silver Shamrock put out some of the best books in Horror) but I have just read a book that’s easily going to sit in my all-time favorite book list.


Book 2 in the Dark Walker horror/sci-fi series

There are doors that open to other worlds, but it’s no fairytale on the other side.

I thought otherworldly monsters bent on devouring my whole world starting with my family trumped everything. Turns out, I was wrong. My world's only one of thousands facing annihilation from the maneaters that tried to eat me alive.

Charlie saved me, rolled into my life on a motorcycle, and rescued me. Problem is, I’m the Embassy’s property now. They’re the interdimensional agency tasked with stemming the flow of ravenous aliens into our universe, but they seem more interested in studying me. I crashed a gateway in a way they’ve never seen. The Embassy wants to replicate that. I think they want to use me as a war weapon.

If I don’t convince Charlie to help me escape, I’ll be an Embassy science experiment for the rest of my short life, or worse, eternally trapped in the dark hell that fills the spaces between worlds.

Content warnings: Amputation, assault, blood, death, drugs, emotional abuse, gore, gun violence, physical abuse, profanity, PTSD, sexually explicit scenes, suicide, torture, violence

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