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Darby Harn - Author of the Eververse Series

"Shelly Campbell's Under The Lesser Moon is a unique novel that embraces the darkness of its reality and the hope of its fantasy. This world simmers with detail, spirit, and care, all wonderfully realized by the often lyrical prose. Akrist is a fascinating character, far from the typical standard hero in high fantasy, and one with a far different journey through a harsh, often cruel world.

Oh, and dragons."
Audiobook SampleRyan Haugen
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Book One of The Marked Son Fantasy Series

'Dragons once led our people across the wastelands, away from storms, and toward hunting grounds.'

That’s what the elders say, but eleven-year-old Akrist has squinted at empty skies his whole life. The dragons have abandoned them, and it’s Akrist’s fault. He’s cursed. Like every other firstborn son, he has inherited the sins of his ancestors. In his camp, he’s the only eldest boy left. Something happened to the others.

Something terrible.

When Akrist befriends Tanar, an eldest boy from another tribe, he discovers the awful truth: they’re being raised as sacrifices to appease the Goddess and win back her dragons. The ritual happens when the dual moons eclipse. Escape is the only option, but Akrist was never taught to hunt or survive the wastelands alone. Time is running out, and he has to do something before the moons touch.

Content Warnings: Violence, non-graphic sex, physical abuse, mental abuse, child abuse, sexual abuse, animal cruelty, kidnapping, blood, death.

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