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Writer Alliance

Creating any kind of art, whether using words or paint, is a solitary process, and after agonizing over the details of a piece until I can't see the whole, I need extra eyes to gently tell me where to add and where to subtract. I've had the incredible fortune of meeting a group of wonderful writers and artists who not only provide an extra set of eyes, but lend their ears, intelligence, wit, and heart to help hone my creations into something better than they ever could have been on their own. Check out their incredible creations.

Sunyi Dean (Twitter)  (Website)

Essa Hansen  (Twitter)  (Website)

Darby Harn  (Twitter)  (Website)

Al Hess  (Twitter)  (Website)

Jennifer Lane  (Twitter)  (Website)

Leigh M. Morrow  (Twitter)  (Website)

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