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Niki Mclaren - Goodreads review

"I absolutely love this dark, immersive, series. What a unique take on the stone age and dragon lore. It's fantastically well-written with great world building and real, heart-felt characters that make The Marked Son books unforgettable."

Book two of The Marked Son fantasy series.

Akrist has done the impossible—bonded with a dragon—and word is spreading.

Betrayed, broken, and banished, he is left to wander the wilderness in search of his lost love, Yara. But Akrist is not alone. Against all odds, he has bonded with Nardiri, one of the world’s last dragons. 

In a cruel, unforgiving world, Akrist must navigate what it means to be marked as both a Speaker—a leader chosen by Nasheira herself—and an outcast. Haunted by the sacrifices of first-born sons, he fears the world cannot be changed, even with a dragon’s help. If he does nothing, the cycle of sacrifice will begin again when the moons touch.

Content Warnings: Violence, non-graphic sex, physical abuse, mental abuse, child abuse, sexual abuse, animal cruelty, suicide, self-harm, kidnapping, mental illness, blood, death.

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