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Shelly Campbell and Megan King's Debut Collaboration.

Iris Ecosia’s commune is rebuilding the Internet, scribing it onto paper to regain knowledge lost to circuitry, when solar flares wiped out electrical grids years ago. But, Iris is wired differently than her corporate cult peers. Her ADHD makes it excruciating to do what her Search Engine job entails: sitting all day extracting data from hard drives. 


When Iris turns sixteen, she makes an error that costs her coveted career and destroys a piece of critical equipment. The mistake plunges her into debt and The Shareholders vote to demote her to an indentured gardener. There are no paid sick days in the post apocalypse so, when Iris’s whole family falls ill after downsizing to a tiny home to help alleviate her debt, starvation is soon knocking on their door. Meanwhile the Shareholders live like kings. 


Iris’s family is not alone in their poverty or their impotent rage at the corporation who keeps them poor, hungry and dependent.. An underground revolution intent on toppling Iris’s corporate society wants to recruit her. She can still do big things if she joins them, but if she’s caught, the Shareholders won’t stop at destroying her. They’ll go after her family too.