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Knowledge Itself Cover: Before and After


Hey all,

I never get sick of cover reveals. It's one of my favourite parts of publishing a book. That said, the days leading up to seeing a new cover for a manuscript that has had years of work poured into it is a bit stressful, especially when working with a new publisher.

You see, authors usually don't get a lot of say when it comes to cover art at many publishing houses. Luckily, Cursed Dragon Ship Publishing was gracious enough to allow Megan and I lots of input throughout the process.

When CDS asked what we had in mind for a cover, we sent along an image that I'd played around with while we were still querying the book. In fact, we even tossed around the idea of using it as the actual cover art for Knowledge Itself but:

  1. I am not a cover artist

  2. There are a lot of other jobs to juggle whilst getting a book into production, and we weren't certain I could handle formatting covers as needed in addition to everything else.

Instead, we decided to use our cover idea as inspiration and shipped it off to our cover artist, Stefanie Saw, so that she could work her magic on it.

Here's our original idea for the book (It had a different title at the time):

And here is the spectacular cover Stefanie came up with:

Needless to say, the final result blew us away. Stefanie nailed it and we can't wait to hold this beauty of a book in our hands. A gorgeous cover really is the icing on the cake in the publishing process. Megan and I can't wait to share Iris's world with you all in August. But you don't have to wait until then, Knowledge Itself is up for pre-order now in both paperback and digital formats.

Until next time, don't forget to feed your imagination!

Shelly and Megan

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